THE MISSING 10% The Missing 10% is not your ordinary podcast.
For one thing, we are not boring.

Nor conventional.

We banter and make fun of each other, and sometimes our guests join us.

But we always deliver something for you to walk away with.

Whether it’s about sales, marketing, LinkedIn, the transportation industry, leadership or trying to help Simon have success with women.

Our show is geared for the small business owners who want to take their business to the next level.

For Simon, to go to the next level, you’ve got to find The Missing 10%.

What Is The Missing Ten Percent?

It’s about going the extra mile, anticipating needs of the client before your competitor does, connecting on a personal level (sales is ALWAYS personal), being relentless in over delivering, being able to connect with the client first before any selling starts.

Watch our shows. Take notes. Have a laugh.

The Hosts

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Doug Lawson

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Simon Chen

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